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We are Hands Off HRI - a steadily growing community of people in Kirklees and Calderdale - already over 48,000 strong.

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We are shocked by the proposals from Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Groups to dismantle Huddersfield Royal Infirmary which serves nearly a quarter of a million people. The proposals include downgrading the hospital's services, reducing the hospital's beds and down-banding the HRI Accident & Emergency unit, moving Specialist Emergency Care to Halifax.

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£21,179 Updated: 20th Sep, 2016

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Our many thanks to these local businesses and organisations... To find out more about why we need to raise funds and what we are doing to keep up fundraising momentum, please see our Hands Off HRI Campaign Fundraising Page.

JHSCPress Release #HandsOffHRI Press Release Regarding Kirklees & Calderdale JHSC Recommendations (September 30th, 2016)

On Sept 30th, 2016 the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee (JHSC) of Calderdale and Kirklees delivered a withering verdict on the Clinical Commissiong Group's plans for the future of health service provision in West Yorkshire.

The JHSC have unanimously adopted 19 Recommendations showing the existing plan to be so flawed that it must be reconsidered.

Their recommendations will be considered by the CCG on October 20th at their final meeting to decide on the future of Calderdale and Huddersfield Hospitals.

Read the full Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Recommendations Press Release

JHSCRecommendations Kirklees & Calderdale JHSC Recommendations (September 30th, 2016)

On Friday, 30th September the Calderdale and Kirklees Joint Health Scrutiny Committee published their recommendations in response to the Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale CCGs' Hospital Reconfiguration Proposal.

For the full list of 19 Recommendations, see:

Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Recommendations

RCRTRPReport RCRTRP Independent Report Of Findings (August 2016)

The RCRTRP Independent Report of Findings has been published by Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit.

Title: RCRTRP Independent Report Of Findings

Published: August 2016

Author: Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit

Please read the report and share this website homepage ( with friends and family members so that they can read it too.

Many thanks!


#HandsOffHRI Campaign Statements

Hands Off HRI goes to Westminster

Hands Off HRI goes to Westminster

Timetable for October 10th, 2016:

07:30 :   Leave Huddersfield

11:30 - 12:00 :   #HandsOffHRI Campaign arrives into Trafalgar Square to meet with other campaigns.

12:45 :   #HandsOffHRI Downing Street Delegation heads to Number 10.

13:20 :   #HandsOffHRI Campaign Main Group heads to Department of Health.

13:30 :   #HandsOffHRI Downing Street Delegation rejoins Main Campaign Group outside Department of Health.

14:30 - 14:45 :   #HandsOffHRI Campaign heads to Parliament Square to meet Chorley and South Ribble Campaign.

16:00 :   Leave London

20:00 :   Arrive back in Huddersfield

Trafalgar Square

When we arrive at Trafalgar Square we will quickly decorate the Lions and the surrounding area with White Yorkshire Roses and HandsOffHRI Bunting. We will also meet up with the other campaign groups in Trafalgar Square - each campaign will have its own speaker.

Downing Street

Only 6 people from the #HandsOffHRI Campaign are allowed to go to Downing Street. Accompanied by The Examiner, BBC and ITV, the 6-person delegation will head over to Downing Street to meet the 3 Kirklees MPs (Jason McCartney, Barry Sheerman and Paula Sherriff).

Department of Health

Once we are at the Department of Health, all the groups will come together in a combined rally. Several activities will continue throughout the rally, including a hand wash and a petition hand over.

Walking Distances between Locations

Trafalgar Square to Downing Street: 0.4 miles, 10 mins walk.

Downing Street to Department of Health: 0.1 miles, 2mins 30secs walk.

Department of Health to Parliament Square: 0.3 miles, 7mins 30secs walk.


If you still need to collect your #HandsOffHRI Campaign T-Shirt, don't worry! All the T-shirts will be available from the stewards on the coach.

Other Information

If you have any further questions, please ask either of the stewards on the coach: Nicola Jowett and Mike Forster.

Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Recommendations

On Friday, 30th September the Calderdale and Kirklees Joint Health Scrutiny Committee published their recommendations in response to the Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale CCGs' Hospital Reconfiguration Proposal.

For the full list of 19 Recommendations, see:

Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Recommendations
( )

Hands Off HRI Supporters include...

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart supports #HandsOffHRI
Sir Patrick Stewart supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson supports #HandsOffHRI
Ricky Wilson supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Joanne Harris supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Eorl Crabtree supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Roger Davies supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Irvine Welsh

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Irvine Welsh supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Ben Miller

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Ben Miller supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Jeremy Corbyn MP

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Tom Watson MP

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Tim Farron MP

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Natalie Bennett

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Natalie Bennett supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Tasmin Archer supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Peter Andre

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Peter Andre supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Nell McAndrew supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Linford Christie

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Linford Christie supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Melanie Sykes

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Melanie Sykes supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

The Vamps

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Vernon Kay supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Fred Fairbrass supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Les Dennis supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Gail Porter supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Linda Robson supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Fern Britton supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

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Speedo Shy supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Jason McCartney MP

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Barry Sheerman MP

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Barry Sheerman supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign

Paula Sherriff MP

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Harry Leslie Smith

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Dallas Nurses

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Atlanta Nurses

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Atlanta Nurses supporting the #HandsOffHRI Campaign