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Important Hands Off HRI Campaign Announcements Please Read Carefully

  1. Charity status: We have had notification this week that we are unable to become a Charitable Trust. The reasoning behind the Charity commission’s decision is that the campaign is political. On our application it was stated that we were pan political. In the decision letter the commission quite rightly quotes from our website. "The sole purpose of our campaign is to challenge the proposal put forward by Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield CCGs." After taking advice from Irwin Mitchell it was decided the best option was to become a not for profit limited company. Lewisham and Keep Wythenshawe Special have both done this. The company is called Hands off HRI Limited. Our decisions are all committee led, our aims, goal and values are still the same. Nothing has changed. In terms of appealing against the Charity Commissions decision we are looking into this.
  2. Treasurer: Annette Robson recently resigned as treasurer. Luckily we had another person on standby. Marc Turnbull he is a qualified accountant. We are in the process of handing everything over to him. Once he is set up, we will display monthly accounts on both face book and our website.
  3. Karl: A decision was taken by the committee on Nat Ratcliffe’s recommendation. This was to make Karl honorary president of the campaign. Karl duly accepted. The campaign started with his face book group. He has become an accidental hero. Through hard work and sheer determination of the steering group and area sub groups we have become a huge campaign that keeps on growing. When the consultation concludes we will keep the momentum going and this campaign will remain in the forefront of everyone’s minds.
  4. Future events: Sponsored walk, Black tie event. Some huge summer events to be announced shortly. Also keep your ears open for a huge event at the end of the summer which will be another chance to march and have a huge family rally.

We realise this is a long announcement - if you have any questions in the first instance send them to secretary of the committee.

We ask you to do this so that threads do not get blocked.

Thank you.