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Huddersfield Needs you - Please Share!

The CCG have finally given us a date for the Third Public Meeting.

Greater Huddersfield CCG
Public Meeting
Monday 6th, June at 18:30

Date: Monday, 6th June, 2016

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Venue: John Smith's Stadium

Please Confirm your Attendance:
CCG Public Meeting 3 Event Page on Facebook

We need to get as many people down to John Smith's Stadium as possible.

Ideally, we need thousands to turn up - just like at St George's Square on February 27th

We will use the poster above - please post and share this poster image on any social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.).

If you would like a printed copy of the poster, please print out the PDF version of the poster in either A5 or A4 size.

This meeting is so important - we need to get anyone and everyone you know down to the stadium!

Friends, family, neighbours - anyone who can come and make a noise!!

This could be our biggest event yet - and if it is, it will be...

...the event that makes the difference between saving or losing our hospital.

#‎NotADoneDeal‬ ‪#HandsOffHRI