March and Rally Hands Off HRI • Sat, Feb 27th

Rally and March 27th Feb

Huddersfield March and Rally on Feb 27, 2016

At 11:30am on Saturday, 27th February 2016 we are planning the single biggest rally, march and demonstration Huddersfield and Kirklees has ever seen.

If you are free to come to St. George's Square, please come along with your friends and your family. Everyone is invited.

Every single one of us can make a difference.

The more of us who are present on the day, the stronger and bolder the message we will send out:

Hands Off HRI!

Huddersfield March Route Map

Timetable of Events on Saturday, February 27th:

March Route Map - 27th Feb, 2016
Click #HandsOffHRI March Route Map above to enlarge

Rally and March Statement

As many of you will be aware there will be a Rally followed by a March through Huddersfield on 27th February.

The meeting time is set for 11:30am in St. George's Square.

Rally Speakers

A number of speakers who have shown support for the campaign have been invited to speak at the rally, including:


The Save Huddersfield A&E Committee has taken on board the feedback from the previous rally on Saturday, January 23rd and they have approached a company who have offered the use of a suitable PA for the occasion that will meet the requirements of such a large event.

The discounted cost of this is £200.

The Save Huddersfield A&E Committee are using a large proportion of their remaining funds, and the plan is to bolster these by asking everyone present to very kindly consider bringing a small, voluntary donation to be collected by Stewards using collection buckets on the day. Thank you.

Press Enquiries Sub Group

The Press Enquiries Sub Group has been busy generating as much local press interest as possible, including inviting coverage from:

The Save Huddersfield A&E Committee is hoping that you can all help to make this one of the biggest events Huddersfield has ever witnessed by inviting all your friends and family, particularly those who will be most affected by the proposed cuts to services.

Events and Stunts Sub Group

The Events and Stunts Sub Group has been working hard to finalise the route plans amidst difficulties with ongoing roadworks, the safety of everyone involved is paramount. The final route will be made available as soon as possible.

It will be a short march in a loop around the town centre with stewards marking the route and making sure of the crowd’s safety, there will be some places along the route where observation is possible for those who are unable to march the whole distance covered.

March Banners

The Save Huddersfield A&E Committee urge you all to be as creative as possible with your protest banners but respectfully ask that they are all family friendly.

An idea was put forward by someone from a sub-group at last night's committee meeting for everyone to try and display as much blue and white in whatever form available: Face-paint, scarves, hats and anything else that you can think of.

Evening Events on Saturday, 27th February, 2016

In addition to the rally and march, there will be a benefit gig with disabled access in Byram Arcade at The Blue Rooms starting at 6pm.

Many great local artists will be performing a variety of musical styles for a donation on the door.

There will also be a Masquerade Ball at the Rock Hotel in Halifax starting at 7:30pm.

More details of these events, - including links for tickets and further information - can be found at: