Terms of Reference for the Group

Before actively posting in the Hands Off HRI Campaign Group Forums, we'd very much appreciate your taking two minutes to read through these Terms of Reference. Thank you.

Terms of Reference for the Group

Postby Cristina George » Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:00 pm

Hi everyone,

Here are the Terms of Reference as agreed by the committee at this week's meeting. It would be good if people could read this before joining the Forum.

Thanks for your support.


Save Huddersfield A&E Public Group
Terms of reference

The Group will be referred to by the following name:

Save Huddersfield A&E

The main focus is to provide a community forum that seeks the involvement of individuals and the wider public to challenge the changes proposed by Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group.

1. A forum to discuss local health issues and agree actions that will challenge the proposals being made by the Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale CCG that include the closure of the Accident and Emergency Unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary 

2. To provide a local forum for public involvement focused on services that the CCG’s Commission

3. To enable individuals to provide feedback on their experiences which will provide evidence to challenge the quality and safety of proposed commissioned services

4. To collect local views and provide a forum for patient voice to challenge the model, quality and safety of the proposed commissioned services.

5. To advocate for improved Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) throughout the planning of Greater Huddersfield & Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group.

The main focus is to provide a forum that is community focused and seeks the involvement of people and the wider public to work with the various stakeholders in our local NHS

The Public Group will be open to all members of the public. The active involvement of community groups will be encouraged to ensure representation of all members of the local population.

In addition it would be beneficial to include representatives from the following stakeholder groups:

1. People who work in the NHS including Clinicians
2. Carers 

3. Any voluntary/community organisation serving local patients/carers 

4. Staff or volunteers from Healthwatch
5. Elected Members 

6. Members of NHS Providers Patient experience teams 

7. Local Authority Officers 

The Public Group will elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
The Save Huddersfield A&E Public Group will in addition to public groups have an Executive Committee. This Committee will meet initially on a weekly basis.

The Save Huddersfield A&E Executive Committee will determine the need for a number of Sub Groups.

The sub groups will report to the Executive Committee who in turn will keep the public group informed of news and actions on a regular basis through the Save Huddersfield A&E website and social media.

1. Agenda items will be accepted 3 days prior to meetings (urgent AOB items tabled on the day) and must be sent to the Secretary.

2. Agenda to be agreed with the Chair and circulated 3 days prior to meetings by the Committee Secretary.

3. Action notes/Minutes will be produced after each meeting and circulated within 2 days of the meeting 
by the Committee Secretary.

4. Notes from the meeting will be posted on the Save Huddersfield A&E website once agreed by Committee members.

Declaration of Interest
Any member with an interest in any proposal put before the Public Group, Executive Committee or Sub Committee shall make a full disclosure of that interest prior to the start of each meeting. The Committee Secretary will keep a log of all declarations for each of the groups.

The Group’s Executive Committee will provide a weekly report to the Public Group including feedback from sub groups where appropriate.

Members will be expected to conduct meetings and communicate (including use of social media forums) without resort to racist, sexist, abusive or intimidating behaviour. The Chair may exclude a member if these circumstances arise.

Whilst recognizing that Group members represent a variety of interests they should not act or misuse their position as members for personal advantage or benefit for themselves, their household, their family, their friends or any other person or organisation with which they are associated with.

Members should always behave towards each other with consideration and courtesy. Verbal and physical abuse or discrimination on any ground is not acceptable.

Members should act responsibly and in a manner, which protects the good name of the Group and its standing in the community.

Members must not pursue particular individual interests to the exclusion of their duties to the wider Group.

Member should be able to speak freely in meetings but lawfully and without malice towards others.
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