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Hands Off HRI Social Media

Hands Off HRI Social Media

The #HandsOffHRI Campaign has been fiercely energetic - and inescapably viral - on social media from the very start.

Thanks to impressive community activity in January 2016, the campaign conversation tore first across Facebook, then Twitter, before sky-rocketing and grabbing massive mainstream media attention in only few days.

Several months in, you'll find conversations and posts pushing the campaign forward daily both under the #HandsOffHRI hashtag on Twitter and across the campaign's many Groups on Facebook.

More recently the campaign has gathered together a growing library of video footage of interviews, Q&A Sessions, demonstrations and marches to create its own #HandsOffHRI Channel on YouTube.

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We are hugely grateful for all donations to #HandsOffHRI.

Our many thanks to these local businesses and organisations... To find out more about why we need to raise funds and what we are doing to keep up fundraising momentum, please see our Hands Off HRI Campaign Fundraising Page.


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Visit the #HandsOffHRI Youtube Channel for a televised chronology of the campaign from January 2016 to the present, including:

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